The heart of Kazakhstan

As the most inspiring destination of the region, Karavansaray locates at the heart of Kazakhstan's history and culture with its unique location close to the Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmad Yasawi, Ruins of Sauran, Historical Cultural Ethnographic Center, Akmeshit Cave, History Museum, Silk Road Tour.

Karavansaray brings the firsts
to the region and there is so much
for you to experience here!
A brand-new attraction center for everyone.

Karavansaray will take you on a magical journey with two concept hotels, an open bazaar, bedesten, premium shopping areas, food and beverage venues, cinema, water canal, spa center, uniquely designed show areas including a magnificent theatre.

The spectacular


While watching Kyz Kuu, you will witness a show based on the Kazakh myths and legends with specially trained horses as stars. This spectacular show will put you in an ancient connection between Kazakh people and cherished horses through light shows, puppets, stunts, and dancers. In this show, sometimes we will watch the hero fighting for his love in a tulip field, and sometimes we will witness a relentless chase over the trees in Lake Kaindy.

Kzy Kuu
story of

Tolegen & Zhibek:

And of course, the magical boat parade will also wait for you at the Karavansaray! A fascinating show of dance, light, and music on the canal will make you part of the Kazakh poetic folk legend "Kyz-Zhibek", which belongs to the 16th century. In the mesmerizing parade, the epic love story of Tolegen, the warrior, famous for his bravery, and Zibek, renowned for her beauty, will touch your heart and soul. This Boat Parade show will tell this romantic story in the form of a theater performance floating along a canal. The main part will start at the Harbor of Karavansaray. Each boat will represent a different character and lead visitors on a journey full of imagination. Symbolism will be used in each scene as a language of storytelling with the choreography of boats and Fountain Show. And the grand finale will take place as the Fantastic Fountain Show - Symphony of Kazakhstan Destiny.

You will go on
an unforgettable journey with
the mythical bird
Samruk in

Flying Theater.

With Flying Theatre, a project like no other in Central Asia, you will visit an egg-shaped structure and witness the growth of Kazakh culture and the engaging story of the mythical bird Samruk, with a state-of-the-art flying theater technology.


An extraordinary
journey awaits you
on the Silk Road.

In the Family Entertainment Center, you will discover a completely different world that opens to a joyful atmosphere resembling ancient silk road towns. While the old souk will put you on a journey further back in time with buildings and decorations made of plaster and thatch, the new souk will welcome you with detailed ornaments, colorful mosaics, and beautifully woven fabrics.

Kzy Kuu
Kzy Kuu
An entertaining journey
into Kazakh history
and culture

In Magical Soug, another part of the Family Entertainment Center, you will discover different experiences featuring Kazakh history and culture with rides such as Crazy Spices Bumper Cars, Apple Harvest, Magic Lanterns Ferris Wheel, Wild Bowls, Tulip Carousel, and Golden Eagle Coaster.

Karavansaray promises you a unique
accommodation beyond
your expectations.

If you want to experience an extraordinary holiday at the Karavansaray, two characteristic and conceptual hotels are ready for your choice. You can either choose the Kun Hotel, a premium choice with luxury details and style with 37 specially designed rooms. Or you can stay at the Khaganate Hotel, which offers more than expected for your family or your loved ones with 78 comfortable rooms. Both hotels have a big SPA complex offering its guests enjoyable moments of well-being and relaxation.

Journey from
the historical Silk Road
to a brand-new
shopping experience.

Our retail areas with fascinating architecture and landscape bring you world-famous brands, where you will enjoy an open-air shopping experience. Besides, the region's first and only premium outlet will offer you an affordable shopping joy. In our retail spaces, you will also find an open bazaar and bedesten to your needs.
Karavansaray, which does not forget the moviegoers, will let you spend pleasant hours at the cinema and embark on new adventures.

Unique places
for unique tastes.

During your entire journey in Karavansaray, the unique eating and drinking venues, where you can find whatever you want, will continue to serve along the canal and its beautiful architecture.

Come and be a part of this spellbinding tale!


Karavansaray invites all local and foreign guests to its unique ambiance with all the facilities, experiences, and privileges, including unique features that we have not mentioned here yet. Come and be a part of this spellbinding tale!